Engineers Newsletter Live: Coil Selection and Optimization

  • Wednesday, June 10, 2015
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Trane, 8929 Western Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256


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Coil Selection and Optimization

Cooling and heating coils are an important centerpiece for many types of HVAC systems, connecting the air side of the system to the cooling or heating plant.

In this ENL program, Trane engineers will discuss the application, selection, and optimization of both chilled-water and hot-water coils. Topics include a discussion about the impact of both water and air velocities on coil performance, a review of example selections for chilled-water and hot-water coils to demonstrate the tradeoffs of cost, pressure drop, and capacity, and an overview of various methods to prevent water coils from freezing during cold weather.

Brian Hafendorfer, Todd Michael, and John Murphy

After attending you will be able to:


  • Identify the various configuration and construction options for chilled-water and hot-water coils
  • Understand the impact of both water and air velocities
  • Evaluate water coil selection choices at various water
  • Properly protect water coils from freezing, when necessary 
  • Understand the balance of coil face area, airside pressure drop, and waterside pressure drop when selecting a coil


There is no fee for this session.


Session begins at 12 noon; Lunch will be served at 11:30am.

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